Endorsed Networks - Build Your Downline

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth to upgrade?

Well, we think so! 100% of the sites profits is going back into Endorsed Networks to advertise. We take zero income from this site. We only profit from the Endorsed Networks that are recommended

Do I get a commission for promoting?

Absolutely! And percentage wise, it;s HUGE. We pay down to 3 levels too! For a total payout of 92% on Paid Members and 65% for free members

How and When Will I get paid?

You will get paid Automatically every month via check or PayPal providing your commission do is at least $10.00. If you need your commission check sooner, You can simply make a request and we will respond within 24 hours.

Can I add my own personally Endorsed Networks?

YES. Paid members can add up to 5 additional Endorsed Networks. Free Members can add 2 addititional Endorsed Networks. Note that your personally Endorsed Networks will be approved within 48 hours but we do have the right to remove or decline these approvals should they violate our Privacy Policy or our terms.  If you wouldn't share your personally endorsed program with your mother, please don't add it to your site.

How will you promote Endorsed Networks?

Great question. Google Ads, Youtube, Email Leads, some safelists and more. When we promote, We will be using our very own URL Rotator Tool and all PAID MEMBERS will be added to the rotation list every week.  So, as a member, we will be promoting your Endorsed Networks Affiliate link everyday on a rotated basis. Paid Members receive 2 to 1 more ads their Endorsed Networks affiliate link. You could very well get a signup and earn commisions on a regular basis from us as well as build your downline!

Got other questions? eMail us at admin@EndorsedNetwors.com or call 617-510-8923